4 Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $10'000

If all you think about is entrepreneurship and becoming your own boss everyday, but you haven't started yet because of your financial situation, you'll change your opinion after reading this.


If all you think about is entrepreneurship and becoming your own boss everyday, but you haven’t started yet because of your financial situation, you’ll change your opinion after reading this. The ideas might sound stupid, but you have to look at it this way: How do you know if an idea is good? That’s not up to you to decide. If society needs it or you’re able to create urgency, your idea is what people will refer to as great. If 50 people are willing to pay you $100 monthly for a stupid idea, then your idea can’t really be that stupid. Here’s a list of a few businesses you can start without a capital of $10’000.

1. Pet-Sitting


Most people around you love pets but have no time to take care of them. Most of the time, those who have pets are financially stable. What they lack is just time. Since you’ve got time but need money, why not offer them a service they’re ready to pay for? You can start your own pet-sitting service and hire students to take care of the customers that already have faith in you. If your expectations aren’t that big, try to keep it small and do everything yourself. You’ll be surprised how many people will welcome such a service.

2. Business Plan service


You’re attending a business school and are keen on business plans? If you believe that this service isn’t important, take a look at the statistics. Out of 28 million small American business opportunities only 33% completed their business plans. Why don’t people take it serious? Because some of the greatest entrepreneurs didn’t even consider finishing this task. They learned by doing and are the perfect examples of entrepreneurship without the background of a college graduate. However, we can’t argue about the fact that a business plan has its benefits. A few of them are a clear strategy, calculated costs and estimated financial income expectations. However, the amount of estimated income can vary. Business don’t guarantee success and that’s why people don’t take them serious. But most investors won’t put trust in you unless you have something physical in your hand, which in most cases, is a business plan.

3. Make-up Artist


Make-up artists are needed in many different places and for very interesting occasions. One can walk into them on TV shots, professional photo-shoots, weddings, parties, reunions etc. Not only are they known for their public work, but also “behind the scenes”. A make-up artist might help you look good for an important job interview or speaking engagement. What does it take to become a great make-up artist? Enthusiasm for the world of fashion and beauty. Since there’s no strict guideline of what it takes to become beautiful, you can use your artistic talent to create a look the world hasn’t seen before. In order to gain global fame, some make-up artists started making videos on YouTube.

4. Furniture Building, Repairing & Disposal


We’ve all moved from apartment to apartment, or perhaps, from house to house. What I’m trying to say is that we all know the struggle and how much time and energy it takes to decorate the new home. Most people I know left their old furniture in the old home because if was much more stress to dissemble everything, keep all the small pieces and screws, transport them to the new apartment and rebuild everything again in the new home. As a future entrepreneur, this is where you can help. If you’re handy with wood and upholstery, you can gross great income repairing office and residential furniture. You can also help people by getting rid of their old wood junk and help them build up the new wardrobe they bought.

Selby Webb

Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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