4 Things That Died With 2016


The Year 2016

2016 was a very odd year. It was a year full of goodbyes. We didn’t only lose cherished celebrities, we also lost some good acquaintances and friends from the tech world. I listed 4 of the most prominent ones for you.

iPhone’s Headphone Jack



With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple mercilessly killed the headphone jack. Rather than connecting your headphones to your phone through the traditional entrance with 3.5 mm diameter, users now have to use a lightning-based headphone or Bluetooth. This was the sacrifice Apple had to make in order to make their best selling product thinner and simpler.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Note 7

After several worldwide customer reports of exploding Galaxy Note 7’s while charging, Samsung announced a global recall of the smartphone. The recall was decided after the Korean company delayed shipments of the product that was meant to be a competitor for the Apple’s iPhone 7. After various spontaneous explosions Samsung felt forced to discontinue the highly anticipated Note 7. Internal investigations showed that there was an issue with a battery cell.



In October Vine’s founders posted a message on Medium saying that its mobile app would be discontinued in the coming months. 

Although you won’t be able to create seven seconds clips anymore, already existing videos will not disappear. The founders will continue to give users access to existing content and even give them the opportunity to download them. 



Blackberry once was the leading mobile-phone seller but in July 2016 the company announced its withdrawal from the hardware industry.  The former king of the mobile world, has been falling since the iPhone set its foot in the market. 

As a response to the iPhone, the company released its first touchscreen smartphone, which was critically panned. They never released a competitor that posed a real threat to Apple’s revolutionary phone. Things only went downhill from there. The former industry leader had more than 50% of the smartphone market in the previous decade, and ended up with less than 1% market share in 2016.

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