4 Ways To Improve Your Social Skills

Learn to master these attributes and you will dramatically improve your social skills

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1. Show Real Interest In People

Showing interest in people means showing real interest. That means that hypocritical acting doesn’t work. People intuitively feel if you are faking your intentions. Be genuine and honest. Don’t only seek opportunity in people, but show them that you are truly passionate about them, just like you would be passionate about a leisure.

2. Be The Best Servant

The best servant is the one who helps others reach their goals. There is no better way to show that you care than helping people in achieving their dreams. Helping others doesn’t just makes you feel and look good in front of others but it also helps you improve your leadership skills.

3. Listen To What People Have To Say

Give others time to speak and listen to what they have to say. By giving others more time to tell about themselves you learn more than when you spend your time talking about yourself. Unlike hearing, listening is a conscious act that leads you to learning. You learn more about your surroundings and you dramatically improve the quality of your relationships. As the saying goes

Speech is silver silence is gold.

4. Talk To Understand

People tend to talk to justify their needs, just to show others that they are right. We often forget that conversations are not to show people how wrong or right they are, but conversations should rather be used for the improvement of ones understanding. There is no one that can perceive his environment 100% objectively and each one of us has a different point of view. Trying to explain someone how right you are usually ends in disagreement, because we all identify ourselves with our own worldviews. When someone tells us that his worldview is right, he indirectly attacks your understanding and hence you will try to defend your perspective. Most probably you end up in a dispute and mad at each other. Someone, who tries to understand his surroundings will try to see the world through the eyes of his counterparts. He will ask himself what makes other people come to a certain conclusion. Eventually he will start to understand others. By reaching that level of understanding true communication unfolds.

Calvino Miguel

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