5 Qualities you must display if you want people to follow you

Elite leaders posses qualities others could dream of. What if I told you that those skills didn't come from practicing by reading books at school, but just by pushing their guts ? Would you believe me? Well, let's take a closer look.

Elite leaders posses qualities others could dream of. What if I told you that those skills didn’t come from practicing by reading books at school, but just by pushing their guts ? Would you believe me? Well, let’s take a closer look.

1. Leadership

It’s not far fetched that leadership is deviated from the word “leader”. A leader is one who commands because people look up to him or have respect for his outstanding knowledge and experience. The most common mistake I’ve seen until now, is when people call them self leaders as soon as they’ve got their first degree. The thing that they don’t seem to understand is that a leader doesn’t choose to become a leader by himself. People decide that they want to be leaded by you.

2. The choice between good and what feels good

If you have to choose which one of the employees that you work with has the best skills to fulfill a certain task in a project that you’re working on, don’t choose the one you enjoy working with the most. Choose the person with the best qualities for the job. Many leaders I’ve worked with care more about their reputation than the profit that they can earn for the company. I’m aware that coworkers are the ones who tell the boss what they think about you, which impacts the relationship between a leader and a boss. But trust me when I say that the majority of the supervisors you will meet in your life will choose a leader that makes the company profit over one that makes friends.

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3. Toughness

You can’t expect a lion not to eat you just because you would never try to do the same to him. The same behavior appears in the business world. You can’t expect others to be gentle just because you’re gentle to them. Some of your employees under you, will try to sit on your head only because they know that you need them. After all, you can’t be a leader with no one to lead. Leaders of other companies will stand in your way, your boss and you won’t always share the same opinion on how to execute a certain project and the most important situation is when you have to get a hold of your emotions. Enduring is a part of your job, even though it might no be in your contract. Sometimes, you’ll even have to go through hell because of a mistake you have nothing to do with.

Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.

Alex Karras

4. Humbleness

Who doesn’t love humble people? It doesn’t only keep you out of trouble, it even gets you a good reputation. Humble yourself and know that just because you’re on a higher level in the organisation-chart, you don’t always know more than the people that work for you. Listen to their opinions, uplift them, compliment them when they do something good, tell the boss positive things about them, try to learn from them and most importantly; never take all the credit for yourself!

5. Seriousness

Serious people seem more trustworthy than those who joke a lot. Why? It’s very easy. If you know that your boss has no soft spot when it comes to arriving late at work, wouldn’t you give it your all just to be on time? On the other hand, if it was the opposite, you wouldn’t even think about it. Here’s a sad but true fact: Serious people get way more respect and no one questions their credibility just because they take their job very serious. Don’t get me wrong on this one. There’s a big difference between being sensitive and being serious.

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