5 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

If you want to conquer the global market with your invention or become someone in life, you'll need to strong. We're speaking about physically and mentally. But how do you know if you're mentally strong? Mentally strength isn't only about controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Here's a list of things mentally powerful people don't do.


If you want to conquer the global market with your invention or become someone in life, you’ll need to be strong. We’re speaking about physically and mentally strength. But how do you know if you’re mentally strong? Mentally strength isn’t only about controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Here’s a list of things mentally powerful people don’t do.

1. Don’t Give Up Fast

Strong people acknowledge the fact that failure is a part of the game, while weak people think it’s a sign from god that they’re not meant to be successful. For them, failure is just another negative challenge of life, which only the strong ones can overcome. Many entrepreneurs know what it means to fail and to be rejected. A good example is Jack Ma. The Chinese businessman and co-founder of Alibaba was rejected 10 times by Harvard. Today, he is the richest man in China.

2. Don’t Try To Please Everyone

A little bit of ignorance has never killed anybody. This is another attribute mentally strong people have in common. If you try to please all of them, you’ll end up pleasing none of them. Stop trying to make everyone around you think good about you.

3. Don’t Fear Change


Change can be interpreted in a positive but also in a negative way. If you fear it, you’re not as strong as you expect. Change is part of nature. The strong ones accept the fact that in some situations, change can’t be avoided. Most strong people even welcome it. They see it as a opportunity to test their mental strength.

4. Getting Over The Past

Getting over the past is probably one of the hardest tasks we all face. Specially traumatizing experiences are hard to get over. The stronger your are, the better you’ll be able to handle these circumstances. We all know at least one very weak person who can’t get over his past. Sometimes, it might even be about something that’s not as serious as they portray it to be. Other negatives experiences from the past can be betrayal, mistakes, bad luck etc. If someone hurts others because he was hurt, he’s definitely not strong. Strong individuals can get over their sad past and always try to live a life without regret.

5. They Don’t Feel Like The World Owes Them Anything

Picture from thecompanion.in

This picture visualizes humanity’s primitive way of trying to make the system fair. Notice how the one declaring the challenge is able to fulfill the task without a problem since climbing a tree is nothing special for a human with a little bit of exercise.  At the first sight, this picture might be funny, but I assure you that it contains nothing else than the truth. Those who are strong accept that life isn’t fair, but they don’t fall into depression or self-pity. They don’t always find a way to solve the problem, but they are willing to give it a try. This picture also shows that no matter how strong you are, the system can pull you down if it’s completely built against you. How do you expect a fish to climb a tree? The world seems fair to those who benefit; in this case, the monkey.

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