5 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs And Apple

When the word "entrepreneur" is mentioned, most people think about Steve Jobs. But do you know everything about Apple's visionist?


When the word “entrepreneur” is mentioned, most people think about Steve Jobs. But do you know everything about Apple’s visionary?

1. Personality

Many people refer to Steve Jobs as a man with great talent when it comes to business, but when one speaks about him as friend, many negative stories are told. The best example is when Jobs lied to Steve Wozniak. Atari agreed on giving him  $5000, which he should then share with his partner. Jobs then told his friend he only received $700, from which he then gave his friend $350. What really happened back then stays unclear, then Jobs neglected having doing so and Wozniak also does not believe the official story until today.

2. Childhood

Steve Jobs was biologically a Syrian muslim migrant’s child. Precisely, he was an adopted child who never met his father. At the age of 23, his biological parents met at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The by that time unmarried mother, Joanne Schieble, became pregnant in 1954. Because of issues with the father, she went to Francisco without telling anyone a word. But life was hard and she couldn’t take provide for her child.

Paul and Clara Jobs, both Aramaeans, were a couple that wasn’t able to have children. Devastated by the situation, they then adopted Steve. Steve Job’s biological parents then got married and had a second child. This time, they kept the baby girl known as Mona Simpson, who would become a famous novelist. Steve Jobs describes her as one of his best friends.

3. Religion


Jobs was profoundly influenced by Zen during his trip to Japan. Many think it was during his trip to India. His trip to India was in search of a “Guru” who could show him his path to enlightenment.  He learned the simple ways of life by joining the zen buddhism.

4. Opinion On Design

Jonathan Ive, the current chief design officer of Apple, states that Steve Jobs never wanted any of the company’s products to be white. Back in school days, Jonathan was used to designing most of his projects in this colour. By the time he joined Apple, he tried the same thing over and over again. Finally, he made Apple embrace white products.

Picture from Wikipedia

Picture from Wikipedia

5. Stinginess

Picture from Wikipedia

Picture from Wikipedia

Even though Laurene Powell Jobs was appointed to be a member of the white house council for community solutions, due to her magnificent work with non-profit organisations, her husband willingly reflected the opposite when it comes to generosity. Jobs cut back on all of their philanthropic programs saying they would “wait until they are profitable.”

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