6 Excuses You Must Give Up To Get Your Things Done

6 Excuses You Must Give Up To Get Your Things Done

You can have excuses or results, but not both. Actually we just have to get our things done and endure the struggle no matter what. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So why do we fail countless times? Because having excuses is easier than achieving our goals, and we humans prefer by nature the easy way out.

The fact is that getting your things done the right way, is not that easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it. Whether it’s fixing your relationship, improving your financial status or climbing the career ladder, every goal we set up to reach requires action. But every now and then excuses come along the way and prevent us to achieve our goals.

1. I’m Too Busy

Ain't nobody got time for that


This statement isn’t true. Everybody is busy. If you really want something you will take time to do it whatever may come, if not you’ll catch yourself finding excuses like “I’m too busy”. So if there are people, who always tell you they are too busy, even when you find yourself in dire situations, you might want to rethink your relationship. If they can’t take time for you, it simply means that you aren’t worth their time.

2. I’ll Do It Tomorrow

I will do it tomorrow

Procrastination is probably the most used excuse in the world. When you decide to postpone your activity to tomorrow, a huge danger emerges. Well if you we are able to postpone it today, what will stop you to postpone it tomorrow again? As the saying goes “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time now”. Remember by the time you’ll be reaching tomorrow you’ll be wishing that you had planted that tree 20 years ago. You can’t predict the future, what if more things fall into another and you suddenly have more to do? So just do what you have to do now, then tomorrow is not guaranteed.

3. I Don’t Have The Resources

Google it

In the information era, where you can easily find anything online, this excuse becomes one of the biggest lies out there. Apart from this most people take this excuse as a convenient out, before even trying to gather up resources. They don’t seek for investors, they don’t even try to find an alternative way. When you are hungry, have no money and no food at home, you just don’t say “I don’t have the resources”. You’ll look for a way to get money and buy food yourself. And so is it for other objectives too. So, before giving up on something try to think about how to get all the resources you need.

4. I’m Not Good Enough

Not good enough

Guess what? This is also not true! How do you know what you are capable of, if you even didn’t try it? Everybody is constantly learning and improving. If you can’t do it right now you still can improve. But first try and give it your all, to find out what you already can and then you’ll know if you are already there or have still something to learn.

5. I’m Not Lucky

I'm not lucky

Richard Wiseman, the author of The Luck Factor, is a psychologist that studied the concept of luck. He recruited 700 people some of which saw themselves as lucky and others as unlucky. The “lucky” group believed to be twice as likely to win the lottery in comparison to the “unlucky” group. But there was no difference in winning between the groups. So everyone had the same chances the only thing the was different, was the attitude of the subjects toward their circumstances. Repeat every day that you are lucky, eventually your mind will start to believe in that concept and you’ll start to take advantage of the chances that you are presented with.

6. I’m Too Old Or Too Young

Colonel Sanders

There are a lot of people that are young or old but still started a business and ended up being successful. For example Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65. There is also the 15 year old Noa Mintz that founded Nannies by Noa. Nannies by Noa is so successful, that she had to hire a CEO in order to keep attending her school. So what is your excuse now?

See here for more information about Sanders and Mintz

Stop seeking excuses. Be true to yourself, instead of seeking excuses say that you don’t want to do it. But if you really want to see some changes in your life, you should prepare yourself to never make any excuses again and focus your whole energy in what you should do.

Calvino Miguel

Successfield co-founder

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