6 Mental Shifts That Allowed A Young Man To Become A Millionaire At 22

As of this writing, the young man is 22 years old and earned in the last 12 months over a million dollars. He tells us his mind shifting secrets an what he had to go through, to climb to the summit at a young age.

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As of this writing, the young man is 23 years old and earned in the last 12 months over  a million dollars. He tells us his mind shifting secrets an what he had to go through, to successfully climb to the summit at a young age.

1. Age Is Just An Excuse

Tucker Hughes, the young man, made over the last year his first million dollars in commissions in the real estate industry, where his average competitor is at least double his age.


Tucker Hughes

According to Hughes you have to learn to embrace your youth optimistically. Try to look at your age from a different point of view, which can be done in various ways. Your age can become an asset and an effective feature to you. If you try to give yourself an excuse, because you are younger than everyone else, you will fail. You have to expect it otherwise you won’t make it. Moreover, people like to see a young smart and dedicated person who succeeds. Create a momentum, that intuitively makes you attract people.

2. Bring It All Back To You

Hughes says in Entrepreneur magazine, that the safest investment he has ever made was in his future. He reads at least 30 minutes a day and listens to relevant podcasts while driving and constantly seeks out mentors . He believes that you don’t have to be a genius in a specific subject but be very well versed in the width of general topics like sports, politics or finances. He says that one needs to consume knowledge like air and put his pursuit of learning above all else. Further he is convinced that it’s crucial to be good to yourself to a reasonable extent in order to recompense your hard work and get around burnouts. Tucker Hughes himself gets a weekly massage, that helps him maintain his work-life balance.

3. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Hughes describes attention as a finite daily resource that eventually can become an issue in terms of productivity. Regardless of how great your mental stamina might be, you will always reach a point where you will give in to fatigue. At that point you won’t be able achieve optimal results. Spare your mental energy by making reversible and simple decisions as as fast as possible and planning recurring tasks in advance. This way you’ll be able to perform easy operations on autopilot. Do you know what you are wearing to work and eating for breakfast each day next week? Hughes does.

4. Build A Flexible Mind

It is important to be able to work for hours productively, and for that focus is required. Without conscious development of mental stamina you won’t be able to take on your rivals, who have strengthen their endurance over years in the professional world. Monitor your abilities by consciously getting rid of distractions and recognizing them, when you start to lose your concentration. Analyse what you do everyday and find out what can still be improved.

5. Think And Be Big

The principles behind goal setting and its notable ability to speed up success are unfailing. You need goals for the 5-10 years from now. If you haven’t done so, then you absolutely still must do it. Tucker reads his goals every morning when he stands ups and then asks himself, “What would have to happen to accomplish my 10-year goals in just one year?”.

6. Believe In Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. Nothing is stopping you from accomplishing  your greatest dreams. Almost all  people who fail have an excuse. On the other hand, successful people have stories of the hurdles that they creatively overcame.  However, the moment of greatness is the one where you feel, that there is nothing you can’t learn and produce to solve the hardest challenges. If you still don’t know how you should approach the matter, and are afraid to start, vow to yourself that you’ll consistently work step by step to reach your goals. Keep it simple and remember that you can’t claim success for yourself, you have to earn it.

You have to get out there and earn it every day for the rest of your life. – Tucker Hughes

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