6 Things You Should Know Before Launching Your First Podcast


If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, here are 6 tasks  that may help you on your journey to launch your own podcast.

Find A Studio Or Some Recording Equipment


If it’s just your voice you’re recording, it might be more cost effective to buy a microphone and record on your laptop. But if there are more than two voices, using a studio could make more sense. As long as there are no screaming kids or loud-ass friends in the background, it doesn’t really matter where you record.

Be Consistent


When starting, commit to a schedule. As you grow your following, people will want to know that if you say you’re weekly, they can come back weekly and find a new episode. People get excited and will anticipate next week’s episode. Think about how you feel as you wait for your favorite TV show to air each week. It’s the same concept for podcast. Leverage that feeling.

Focus Clearly On A Niche When Starting Out


Don’t try to be everything to everyone. The focus of your podcast should be very clear. Ask yourself: What is my expertise? What is my target demographic? What problem am I helping them solve? What will be the focus of each episode?  Try focusing on providing motivational content for creatives & lifestyle entrepreneurs. It helps to focus on WHO would be coming to speak on the show and WHO I would be promoting the show to. Your branding should be specific.

Distribution & Creative Promotion Is The Key

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When you’re just starting out (and aren’t already a well-established name in your industry), promoting your podcast will be hard. Think: Who can you partner with? What other podcasters can you ask to share your episodes? What types of content can you create that link back to your podcast? For example, each time you release a new episode, publish a post on you social media profiles. Some podcasters even use paid ads to promote specific episodes. In the beginning, you must put on your “hustler of the year” hat and hit the streets guerilla-style.

Make booking & sharing easy for your guests

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Booking and podcast promotion can be a pain, so try to look for tools that would ease that process. For booking, use Calendly, a tool that allows guest to schedule appointments based on your calendar availability. When an episode goes live, you can always send guests an email that contains share links that I create using Share Link Generator. Getting guests involved in promotion is key to your success early on. Or use Streak, an email plugin, to create email templates so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each week. Also use Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule weekly social posts.

Create & document your process

Write down every step of what is involved in producing an episode. Use this to create a mini-checklist that you can follow each week. If you’re producing and editing by yourself, this will help to make sure that you don’t miss a step. While making one can be a pain, this standard operating procedure will come in handy as you grow and hand off different responsibilities to team members. Stream-line as much as you can.

Adeline Lupton

Adeline is Editor of SuccessField

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Adeline is Editor of SuccessField

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