At Successfield We Don’t Believe In Jobs

We don’t believe in jobs, we have a mission instead:

To Push The Human Race Forward

Do you want to fulfill your vocation in a team that doesn’t respect limits and realistic dreams? Then you have come to the right place.

We believe that we can change the world for the better, by helping people succeed. Driven by a purpose, powered by a community and fueled by fun. That’s why we devote ourselves to help people develop the skills they need to grow and positively impact the world.


We are an off- and online community that inspires people around the world to unlock their true potential and pursue greatness, by covering real stories and real experiences from already successful and aspiring people.

Pushing The Human Race Forward

SuccessField inspires, motivates to look beyond the finances and focus on the invisible common denominators for success. SuccessField is a success lifestyle digital platform for makers who know what’s going on. We write about motivation, entrepreneurial lifestyle and of course success. We report on ideas and stories. We look beyond the financial numbers and focus on the invisible and creative aspects of success. SuccessField is for everyone, from a simple person to a manager, in short for all those who want to make a difference.