An Entrepreneur's Inner Voice

The inner voice of a person is what motivates him or her. There's no secret about it being triggered by eagerness, desire, motivation and a little bit ego. But is there more to it?


The inner voice of a person is what motivates him or her. There’s no secret about it being triggered by eagerness, desire, motivation and a little bit of ego. But is there more to it?

The Inner Voice


Each day is a another chance to start anew, to come up with fresh ideas, goals and to establish a long term vision that you can start working on. We all have goals that keeps us awake at night when others are asleep, that is the true definition of a lifestyle with a vision. There is a power house within each and every person that is full of ideas, inspiration and the zeal to get things done without hesitation. It is through this self empowered inspiration that you can face the challenges without hesitation and second thoughts. The moment we start to rely mostly on the external motivation, that is, our mentors, friends, family, peers and forgetting to nature our self driven motivation we do not only start to lose the power to do things but we also lose our own vision. Trust your inner voice, trust your instincts and believe me, you will start to experience growth not only in your career but also your relationship with others will develop, grow and spring to greater heights. This is so because you are now not completely relying on the external motivation (other people’s perception) to run your life, to create relationships with others around you, but you are using your own self judgement of how exactly you want to lead your life.

Your inner voice is always right. We lose customers, jobs, relationship partners not because we do not meet up to the standards, not because we are weak, no! But because we do not trust our inner voice which is our true judgement. We can use it to separate what is important from what is not. Our inner voice is our highest form of self expression of which if it is hindered to grow and spring, it is the same as driving a car with the rare mirror full of mud, our view of the world become blurred and we end up making poor decisions in life. True judgement comes from the inner you, no matter how many advice and inspiring stories you may hear, the final word and decision should spring straight from your inner being, so be true to yourself and open up to the world of business, economy and other sectors with your true identity.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. – Steve Jobs

In short, trust yourself. Tell yourself that your ideas are right, your dreams are achievable, your goals are smart. No one will believe in you, even less if you do not even do it yourself. Show up and face the world with courage and determination. The nice thing about confidence is when no one is around to cheer you up, to pat you on your shoulder, you can still stand up and do that for yourself because you are listening to your inner voice.

Selby Webb

Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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