Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Born Or Made?

It’s no lie that 30 years ago, becoming an entrepreneur meant one had to be a sales person. There were no such things as e-commerce, Facebook or smartphones. Entrepreneurs had to go out themselves and try to convince store owners to buy their product or investors to invest in them. The urge to run a private business wasn’t half as great as today due to promising pension-plans.  So why is it a trend today?

The answer is very simple. Many people who put their faith in the government or their former big employer lost most of their savings. Another reason are the success stories of young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and other Silicon Valley co-founders. So what’s the answer? Are entrepreneurs born or made? Check out what Patrick Bet-David has to say.

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Patrick Bet-David is an American entrepreneur, financial adviser and online mentor.

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