Create A business, Don't Replicate One!

It doesn't matter if it's a child, business or an opportunity - creations are the pride of every single one of us. If you're not sure which guideline to follow,this article will be the perfect one for you.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a child, business or an opportunity; creations are the pride of every single one of us. If you’re not sure which guideline to follow,this article will be the perfect one for you.

Don’t Google


When you’re creating something, try to avoid googling your project. Let’s say your plan is to create an e-commerce company which sells and delivers any type of food. Don’t use search engines to find out if your idea already exists because this will not only stop you from being creative, but also discourage you. You’ll start searching for competitors and end up looking at how they do things. After having gained this knowledge, you’ll find it hard to do execute your project in a different way. But if you would’ve created your own concept before searching, I’m sure you would have similar points but overall your concept would differ greatly. Your concept might even be better. The only missing thing might be small details like prices and the delivery time.

They say practice makes perfect, so don’t look for an almost perfect concept and just try to improve it. That’s not entrepreneurship at all. Entrepreneurship is looking at what people need and turning it into a business.

Be Authentic

Copy Paste

Furthermore, avoid being a copypreneur. When one asks a copypreneur what their business is about, this is how they usually reply: “My business is just like Uber, except that I have …”. This is the wrong mentality! Progress is a part of business. If you copy an already existing service or product, you’re a potential business threat to other companies. Copying a concept that the competing companies created years ago would be smart if no progress was made. However, if you think that your competitors didn’t progress within the past years, think twice. In other words, they’re years ahead of you. Don’t only try thinking outside the box. Think like there’s no box at all! Real innovators don’t always have to see urgency, sometimes they just create it!

Serve First, Eat Last


Always look at your business from the view of a customer. Analyse what customers need. Don’t think about creating a business without creating benefits for others. As soon as you’ve found out how to optimize services or products, or which services and products aren’t on the market yet, write it down on paper. Make a list of partners, supporters or other aid you might need to make your creation work. The last step is how your business should make you money. Never focus on money first.

This is the how it should be:

  1. Customer
  2. Partner
  3. You

Never put yourself first!

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