Does Money Change People?

This is the most discussed question when speaking about rich people. Does money really change people? In my opinion, no. It strenghtens their positive and negative characteristics towards others. These are the factors one has to look at before making up their mind.

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This is one of the most discussed questions, when speaking about rich people. Does money really change people? In my opinion, no. It strengthens their positive and negative characteristics towards others. These are the factors one has to look at before making up their mind.

The Person’s Character

If one of your friends is greedy, will a billion dollar bank status change his or her behavior? My experiences show me the opposite. What if that same person never really cared about the people around him? I’m sure money won’t change that behavior either. So what am I trying to say? The person didn’t change, his intentions just got clearer to you because he doesn’t need you that much anymore. His characteristics became stronger.

The Bond You Share

You can’t ignore the fact that you hang out with people you’re not close too. If that’s the fact, you must have many best friends. Your position in a person’s life depends on the bond between both of you. If you just hang out at school because you’re in the same class, why should you both still meet after one of you has become rich and has the possibility to visit a high class private school? There’s a difference between finding someone likable and liking the person.

The Situation

If you think money changes people, try asking yourself the difference for a change. Does being broke change people? I’m aware that many rich people do bad things, but look at it like this. Giving someone a weapon to kill and killing self handed are two different things. Do you think a multi millionaire would rob your neighbor? If he wanted to, he would hire someone of lower financial status to do the job. But if that person was rich too, would he still do it? And believe me when I say that he’s gonna find someone. Poverty is a situation no one likes. Desperation is a big part of it.

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Accept The Way Of Nature

If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him.

Every being has its nature. Humans tend to become greedy. I’m aware that not everyone is like this, but most of us never get enough. Don’t concentrate on the negative aspects of one’s character. Because to be honest, would you be different if you were in their situation?

What If You Have Changed?

What if seeing your friend with a lot of money and success has changed the way you feel about him or her? It doesn’t even have to concern them. What if your self-esteem has dropped drastically out of fear and enviousness? The fact that they have suddenly outclassed you and seem way more interesting to society than you do can lead to unconscious jealousy. Handling situations like that, requires a lot of humility and self understanding. Instead of being offended, try seeing it as a motivation and benefit. A rich friend can turn into a helping hand during tough times.

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