Ex Spotify Manager Now At Apple Music

Apple Music

Tim Cook was able to secure an important staff for Apple Music. The former “Vice president of Content” with the streaming service Spotify, Steve Savoca, is now working for Apple. This has been confirmed by the business magazine Business Insider.

The New Manager’s Mission


Steve Savoca, Source: Spotify Press

According to reports, Savoca has started his work in Cupertino this month. In particular, he is supposed to persuade the numerous, small indie labels to use Apple Music. The Spotify Manager is predestined for this job by his contacts.

He’ll be doing the same thing for Apple that he did for Spotify — heading up label relations based out of New York, focusing on relationships with smaller, independent labels, especially internationally, Business Insider has learned.

Savoca himself was already marketing director in several labels. He also works in the management of the Music Business Association, which takes care of the marketing of music. He should be able to extend the exclusive offer of Apple Music significantly. Exclusiveness is one of the key concepts of the streaming service in order to stand out from the competition.

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