How To Figure Out Your Potential For Future Success

If we compare successful entrepreneurs, we will see that there are some similarities among their stories. Various successful people start displaying a specific behavior at a young age.

How To Figure Out Your Potential For Future Success

If we compare successful entrepreneurs, we notice some similarities among their stories. Various successful people start displaying a specific behavior at a young age. If your behavior did reflect the  following points as child and still does it till today, then you’re very likely a future guarantee of success, if you’re not yet.

1.) Self-employed At A Young Age, Can Be A Sign Of Potential For Success

Many self-made people spend their time as children differently from other youngsters. Instead of going outside and running around with other peers, they feel the urge to work, create and discover. You’ll see them distributing newspapers, babysitting or cutting the lawn.

2.) Stubborn Questioning

We know children like to ask a lot. But there is more to it. You either ask to know more than you already do or you ask to question the things that you already know. Budding entrepreneurs are more likely to do the latter. No entrepreneurs like to  deal with the what questions of life. People that display entrepreneurial behavior rather deal with the why questions of life.

3.) Anti-Authoritarianism, Can Also Signalize Future Success

You surely know these two types of children: One listens obediently to everything he gets told while the other vehemently denies any kind of command. They often get misunderstood in the society and become misfits. What people don’t understand is that these children just want to discover the world for themselves. They want to experience and see from their own perspective if what was told to them is true. And often they become the ones to change things, because they aren’t afraid of looking at the things even for a third time, while others accept the things as they are. They just somehow manage to believe that things still could look different if it is just them who are looking at it. Studies shows that anti-authoritarian children are more likely to become successful in life than other children.

4.) The Marshmallow Test

The experiment of Walter Mischel is one of the most famous experiments in psychology. 50 years ago, he presented preschool children with the choice: To rather eat a candy, now – or two pieces, but later? For science, it was a sensation when Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel investigated what had become of children who he had decades earlier subjected to the marshmallow test. It became clear: Whoever controls the delayed gratification, has a better chance of a successful life. This means that people, that are ready to sacrifice what they want now for the sake of what they can get later, are more likely to be successful in life.

Of course there are more features that define an entrepreneur, but seeing a young person displaying such kind of behavior is rare. I recommend parents that notice that to encourage the children in the context of entrepreneurship.

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