Finding Your “Why”: How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Finding Your “Why”: How To Find Your Purpose In Life

You’ve probably heard about this a few times before; it seems like the importance of finding your “purpose” and your “why” has become a pretty big thing these days. Motivational speakers and business coaches talk about this all around the world on a daily basis, and yet, I’ve found that very few people actually know what it really means…

So, to clear the air once and for all about this whole “why” and “purpose” thing, I decided to write a post about it.


Is there really a difference between a purpose and a why?

A lot of people often get confused between the two. A purpose and a why are two different things—related, yes, but still different. Simply put, a purpose is the deeper meaning you give to your life. It’s an ideal of yours; your life’s ultimate goal. Forget about money, fame or power. Your purpose—your true purpose—has to be something a lot more meaningful than that.

Think about what makes you happy. From what I’ve learned over the years, your purpose in life will often be closely related to a very deep—and sometimes even unconscious—desire to make a difference in the world. It could be to help provide elementary education for young kids around the globe, to fight for women’s rights, to help people find a higher state of happiness, or to make a scientific breakthrough. No matter what it is, we all have one hidden somewhere inside. Some people are just not aware of it, while others simply decide to not care about it at all.

Now, this might be a relief for you, but I don’t think your purpose is something you necessarily have to “find.” In fact, I think that as long as you’re living your life in a state of consciousness and awareness, you’re already partly living your purpose.

If you’re working at a job you hate, and the only thing that keeps you alive is the thought of having two days a week where you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want, then you’re definitely not living in a state of consciousness. You’re living in a state of denial. You’re denying the fact that you have the power to decide how you want to feel right now.

Here’s the logic behind this; you can’t have a positive impact in the world if you can’t have a positive impact in your life first, can you?

Living your purpose starts my acknowledging all the blessings you’re surrounded with.

It really starts with your own happiness. When you’re living in a positive vibe, that’s when opportunities and ideas come to you. That’s when your life gets filled with abundance—whatever abundance is to you. And most importantly, that’s when your purpose slowly starts to appear in your life.

Your “why” should be more tangible on the short run.

Together, your purpose and your why will give you the guidance you need to pursue the goals you’ve set for yourself.

While your purpose is some sort of a long term goal, your “why” is something you’ll work for on a daily basis, and that you’ll be able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time (maybe a few years, as opposed to an entire lifetime).

For example, your desire could be to send your kids to private school, to take an early retirement, to pursue a passion project you’ve had for a while, or even to buy your mom a new house. Whatever it is, your why should always be something important to you, that’s also motivating and fun to envision. And to find your why, I think you’ll need to leave your mind for a second and find your heart…

Just like your purpose, your why has to come from the inside. Once again, it has to be something that’s meaningful to you. It can’t be a new car, nor a certain amount of money. The reason being that your whyhas an important job to do; to keep you motivated even in the toughest times.

And believe me, I don’t care if you’re the greatest car enthusiast of all time, not a single car on earth has the power to keep you motivated regardless of what happens.

So, how do you find your “why”?

Again, take a look at what makes you happy. Figure out what it is you deeply desire, and you’re going to be halfway there. So, I want to know; what’s your purpose? 🙂 Leave your answer in the comments below!



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