Floyd Mayweather Junior - Mission Impossible

From the son of a drug addictive to a US$ 400 million heavy boxing champion


From a dishwasher to a millionaire is a sentence we’ve all heard at least once. What about “from the son of a drug addictive to a $400 million heavy boxing champion?” This is the story of Floyd Mayweather Junior.

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The Story

Floyd Mayweather Junior grew up under poor circumstances. His mother was a drug addictive and his aunt died because of aids. Furthermore, he says that he never found a mutual bond with his father. While other kids would go to the movies with their fathers, his dad would only be interested in him becoming a professional boxer because it was a family tradition. Afterall, his father and two of his uncles were professionals. Floyd says that he had a tough childhood. Living in a one bedroom appartement with 6 people was not uncommon for the current champion. “Sometimes we had no electricity”, he states.

Ignoring the fact that he grew up in a poor enviroment and didn’t have good connection with his parents, he had people who believed in his talent. When he was living with his grandmother and saw that they had no moey, he insisted on looking for a job. However, she would decline his offer and motivate him to keep doing what he loves. As an amateur boxer 84-6, was the pretty boy’s statistics. He recieved this nickname because he had a solid defence, which explains why he never had many scars in his face.

As a professional, Floyd Mayweather Junior holds his own. With 49 victories an 0 defeats he rivals with former heavyweight boxer Rocco Francis Marchegiano, who died in a plane accident. With an estimated net worth of US$ 400 million and a yearly income of more than $100 million, Mayweather is considered the best paid athlete in the world. To be exact, he generated US$ 300 million so far!

This athlete’s story of success is meant to inspire dreamers and every individual human struggling out there! No matter what situation you’re in, better days are following. Persistence is what distinguishes the champion from the contender.

Selby Webb

Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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