What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

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This Popular Phrase Just Isn’t True

What you’ll learn in this article: Every day, everywhere, what you do matters.


We’ve all heard the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” This slogan has become one of the most famous tag lines in the history of tourism marketing. It’s quoted, talked about, and recognized, so it’s really what every marketer dreams their campaign can one day become.

Quick History Of “What Happens Here, Stays Here.”

“What happens here, stays here” began in 2003 when ad agency R&R Partners were trying to come up with something more than just gambling to get people excited about Las Vegas.  After researching, this is what they said:

The emotional bond between Las Vegas and its customers is freedom. Freedom on two levels. Freedom to do things, see things, eat things, wear things, feel things. In short, the freedom to be someone we couldn’t be at home. And freedom from whatever we wanted to leave behind in our daily lives. Just thinking about Vegas made the bad stuff go away. At that point the strategy became clear. Speak to that need. Make an indelible connection between Las Vegas and the freedom we all crave. 

What Happens Here, Stays Here is a great marketing line. It’s memorable, and even though it’s not true, people want to believe it. It allows people to imagine their own Vegas adventures and it has driven millions of visitors to Sin City.

I found it interesting that the primary reason the phrase works is that it gives the hope for FREEDOM. We all crave freedom, right?

Like the ad agency noted, we want freedom…

  • to do things
  • see things
  • eat things
  • wear things
  • feel things.

But what they don’t tell you is that what you do in Vegas does come home with you. The cash you make—or more likely the money you LOSE, will stay with you, meaning that your bank account will know what happens in Vegas. The Chlamydia you pick up in Vegas will not stay in Vegas. 

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. It goes with you everywhere you go.

The Better Way To Find Freedom In Vegas

Vegas is a great place to do business. Money flows there. It’s a place to entertain, connect, do business, and make money. Too many people lose money in Vegas. You don’t need to get hung over or pick up Chlamydia. You CAN find your freedom, and that’s one of the reasons I picked Vegas for the 10X Growth Conference.

  • If you are at a job you hate, you aren’t free.
  • If your job or income depends on the economy, you are not free.
  • If you lack the ability to stay motivated, you are not free.

Just because you are American doesn’t mean you are guaranteed freedom. Ask yourself, when was the last time you created a plan for freedom, much less one that involved creating wealth?

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