How Fear Blurs Your Vision

There is a very interesting behavior that people usually display when confronting a specific situation. Most people tend to befriend with the most negative possibilities, that could result as outcome of a precise precedent event. Even if there could be a positive outcome, people mostly focus their minds on the negative.


There is a very interesting behavior that people usually display when confronting a though situation. Most people tend to befriend with the most negative possibilities, that could result as outcome of a precise precedent event. Even if there might be a possible positive outcome, people mostly focus their minds on the negative one. Here is how you can prevent a perception of 0% positive and 100% negative thinking.



Fear can be a good thing but it should not incapacitate your ability to think clearly. Nevertheless it can trigger an interesting phenomenon in us. We start to see and imagine things that could happen to us, even though most of the time our imagination doesn’t turn out to be true.

Someone who fears spiders will freak out by seeing one. But actually he doesn’t fear the spider itself, but rather the harm the arachnid could do to him. The interessant part in this, is that even if the spider doesn’t bite him for the next 1,000 times, his fear won’t cease, because his own mind will still be constantly alarming him.

Fear doesn’t address our rational thinking but rather our emotional thinking. It’s a natural danger signaler, but sometimes our inner alarm rings even without the presence of a real or significant threat. In these cases, we should be able to think logically and to not automatically start panicking just because the alarm is ringing. You can compare this scenario to the stock market. 

Don’t just react to fear carelessly. Catch yourself for a second and think about whether the fear is well founded or not.



One of the biggest success killers is the lack of imagination. Someone that doesn’t let his own imagination flow, automatically limits himself. We often think that there is a laid down law to life. We act as if there is  a guideline for everything. Many people leave options and chances untried, simply because someone before them failed to reach the same goal as they want to reach. To put it simply, they limit themselves and the chances of a successful outcome.

Just because many failed before you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t make it either. If you try to do the same as the others and end up failing, don’t wonder why. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is called insanity. Try to to look at the challenge from a different perspective. Just like the late Steve Jobs used to say, “Think different!” If you think and act like all the others before, you’ll just end up reaching the same result as them. Don’t think outside of the box,  think without a box!

Calvino Miguel

Successfield co-founder

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