How To Build Self Confidence

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Self Confidence

Hey, Grant Cardone here to you today about some self confidence, where do you get your self confidence? You can’t buy it at the store folks. Can’t dress it up, can’t eat it, you can’t buy it, you can’t even manufacture it yourself, you have to go and build self confidence.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I remember being 25 years old, scared to death of people. At 29, starting my speaking career, terrified of the people I had to go to, didn’t call on anybody for a year, because I was literally frozen in fear. One day somebody said something to me, “dude you need to handle your self confidence issue”, so I went and bought a suit, I didn’t feel any better. I went and bought a car, didn’t feel better about myself. I felt a little better for a second.

Look, self confidence is the only outfit you can’t buy, this is an inside job, you’ve got to study, you’ve got to learn, you’ve got to practice, and you have to do the hard things. Self confidence comes from repeating experiences that are difficult, same place courage comes from. The guy that does something courageous is given the title of being courageous. It’s not because he went and wore courageous, it’s because he went and did something.

Look, if you want to build self confidence, you can listen to the subliminal tapes, it’s not going work. You can go and do hypnotism, it’s freaking ridiculous. You need to be more aware, more alert, and you need to do more. Some of the ideas that people are throwing at you guys right now to build your self confidence, you are going to eat better and feel different? You are going to do this and feel better? Look, you need to get in front of people, do the things you are scared to do, to get the self confidence you want to have. Period.

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It’s not on sale, it’s not at Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Toyota, it’s not on the radio dude. It’s an inside job, I can’t help you with it. You have got to take what I’m giving you in these blurbs, blabs, streams, scopes, cats, what ever you are calling it, the posts, the streams the Instagram posts.

Hey man, I need to take that and apply it to my life, otherwise your going to find yourself feeling worse, and worse and worse about yourself. You want to go walk on fire? Go do it. Is that going to build your self confidence? I doubt it. I doubt it man, go spend $8,000 on a weekend, that will not improve your self confidence.

The only thing I know for sure that will change your sense of self, are the actions you take getting in front of other people. Other people, people you don’t know. People you are scared to talk to. You are sitting there trembling through your pitch, until you don’t tremble anymore. Self confidence is an inside job, it’s not a suit you put on, it’s not a car you drive. This is not something you buy, it’s something you develop.

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