How to make a good first impression

Have you ever met someone that you didn’t seem to like even though you didn’t know anything about him? The reason is, because of the first impression you had after meeting him for the first time. In other words, first impressions last.Judging someone by the first impression, the first and immediate effect of an experience or perception upon the mind, is normal in today’s society. It’s not a positive attribute, but we have to accept that it’s a part of the human nature. In business, a good first impression is a must have. There are many different aspects involved.

Clothes make the man


People will judge you according to what you wear. If you dress cheap, they’ll think you’ve got no money. If you dress expensive, they’ll think you’re rich. The truth doesn’t matter when it comes to first impressions. People will believe in what they see.

Overdressing is also a way of making a bad impression. Don’t show up to a job interview wearing what you wouldn’t wear in daily to work. An expensive suit won’t impress your supervisor if he’s wearing a polo shirt. It will even make him laugh. Over dressing and under dressing will definitely make a strange first impression



Manners, ways of behaving with reference to polite standards, are what today’s youth lacks. If you ask me, it’s not only the youth. Even adults aren’t what they used to be anymore. Common misbehaving makes a person look illiterate and primitive. Remember, there’s no situation that justifies you to treat your coworkers like trash. Try to be polite in every way. I’ve got a list of basic “donts” which I refer to as “simple manners”: Don’t chew or talk with an open mouth, never swear, always excuse yourself, don’t spit in front of others, don’t fart, don’t burp and don’t yawn in public without covering your mouth.

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There are plenty types of other different sins for this chapter, but I would like to concentrate on one particular one. In my opinion, the worst thing you can do when it comes to first impressions is being late. Sentences like “I’m usually not like this”, only make it worse. If you ever happen to run late, just apologize and say nothing more. You can ever write an SMS to let the person know that you’re running late. Never blame anyone or look for an excuse. Lack of punctuality makes a person look irresponsible, untrustworthy, unprofessional, rude and unorganized.



Insight into character comes from listening intently to the spoken word. The physical person, their charisma, charm and dramatic flair is more often used to persuade audiences, as they use these stealth tools of disguise and deception. – Maximillian Degenerez

Charisma, the special virtue of an office, function, position, etc., that confers or is thought to confer on the person holding it , is rare and unusual ability for leadership. Are you gutsy or cocky? Are you different? This is an ability that can make others love or hate you. In my opinion, I think charisma is a great attribute. It enables you to grow people’s confidence in your skills before you have even done anything. The sad truth is that you can’t train. Following things determine how great your charisma will be:

  • Your experience
  • Yours ways of handling situations
  • Your mindset
  • The people you move with
  • How you dress
  • How you present yourself
  • Your confidence
  • Your body language
  • How you make people feel
  • Humor
  • Your engagement
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