How To Negotiate A Higher Salary

It's no big secret that speaking about one's salary is a tabu. But would you purposely miss the opportunity to grow your income just because society thinks that way? If you have an important conversation coming up with your boss and you want more income, here's how to go about it.

It’s no big secret that speaking about one’s salary is a taboo. But would you purposely miss the opportunity to grow your income just because society thinks that way? If you have an important conversation coming up with your boss and you want more income, here’s how to go about it.

1. Raise Your Value

Before we start speaking about money, let us talk about one’s own importance. How valuable are you in your company? Or let me put this question in a simpler way; are you just a number in your company? If you are, start by raising your value in a company. Make yourself a name! Try to be involved in important projects, be the first guy in the office and the last to leave and make sure people look up to you because you work harder than anyone else. Show that you love what you do!

2. More Responsibility

If you want to earn more, you need a few arguments that your boss won’t be able to beat. You can’t do as less as possible and have big expectations. Walk up to your supervisor and ask for a meeting. When the time has come, say you’d like more responsibility and tougher tasks. Express yourself. Demand for challenging activities and say why you’re the most suitable for that task in your company. If you don’t get the chance to prove yourself, look for another company. If they weren’t ready to give you a chance when you asked for it, you wouldn’t have gotten far anyway. If you happen to change your workplace, demand more salary from the beginning.

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3. Negotiation


Many companies do this annually. Employees get the chance to set new ambitions for the coming year, request something, criticize their respective supervisors and give a general feedback. The first step to getting closer to your salary raise, is to make sure that the boss sees everything from your perspective. So start by telling him how great the past year was, to make sure that he sees that you are very grateful for the opportunity to work there. Secondly, try to find out what the boss has heard about you. Tell him what your greatest achievements were and ask him what he thinks about your work. Refer to the responsibilities you took over and find out what he thinks about you in general. If you happen to find out that you both share the same opinion, pull out your trump card and suggest the amount of salary you’d like to earn. If he wasn’t expecting it, your supervisor will need a second to think about how he can handle the situation. Since he mentioned how excellent your performance has been, there’s no way he can use that as excuse for a no. What other reasons are there to rejects someone’s request for more salary? Perhaps the company’s financial situation? If that’s the reason, try to set an agreement.

4. Bluff

Bluffing is another way to take care of things. If your company really needs you, they’ll choose to be generous just so that they can keep you. The big problem is when nobody buys your bluff. You can only do this once. So before you do it, think twice.

When I made my first film, I had hardly ever seen a camera before, and I was a young man when I arrived in Paris from the suburbs. At the time, I didn’t talk much. I was very shy, so the bluff served me. I was telling people that I had no money, and that I knew how to make films, but I had no proof. – Leos Carax


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