How To Run A Business From The Toilet


Josue Peña and Josh Forti, the young men who allegedly run their business from the toilet, started an organic Instagram following company together called Digital CEOS. They looked at what the future was going to look like and saw that social media is a huge player—and that Instagram is a powerful platform with huge growth.

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Influencer marketing is on the uprise and these guys know how to take full advantage of it. While no platform tells you how their algorithm works, these guys have analyzed and have seen what works. The simple thing to remember is that the goal in hacking algorithms is to create content that is engaging to followers. They have over 3 million followers on Instagram and they didn’t need to pay to play.

People were constantly calling these smart entrepreneurs lucky for being able to work from their beds. So, on the night of 9th January, Josue decided to write about how to get so lucky as them, in order to become professional business runners from the toilet. 

Josue Peña’s Post

So, I’m about to make a big fat rant. I do get a lot of messages from a lot of people every single day. Many of them just want to leech from you without giving any value, some are to connect, some are to propose different offers, some are the “one in a lifetime opportunity”, get rich tomorrow with this tiny investment, some other ones are to work together, some are people who are “gurus” and have little to no results to show, some are products people, who want to pitch to you guys and that have no value whatsoever, and then there are the ones where they just call you “LUCKY”.

“You are so lucky to be doing this. It must be nice being able to travel, do whatever you want to do and not worry about a boss or classes. You are so lucky to be working and promoted by Grant Cardone and his team. You are so lucky to be financially free by working from the comfort of your toilet” (people say from your bed, but because it is more awesome, I say toilet)

I can get over almost any message, but when someone calls me lucky, it just grinds my gears, specially when it is close friends.

Very few people (and when I mean few, I mean like 5 or less) have actually seen how much work we have had to put in, in order to get to where we are now (and I don’t even consider myself a success, everything we’ve done until now is just a little tiny tip of the iceberg)

I come from a poor third world country. I wasn’t born in the USA or any other “prosperous” country. That alone is a disadvantage vs others who have. Almost no one knows the weekly pain and humiliation I have to go through just in order to stay in USA.

Don’t get me wrong. The internet has leveled the playing for everyone. Now people in poor countries actually have a chance of making it. BUT, there is no such thing as “luck”.

The process is SIMPLE. It is not overly complicated and it is not rocket science (trust me, im an engineer, I know rocket science when I see it). But that being said, simple doesn’t mean that it is not hard. Simple doesn’t mean that you don’t have to grind and hustle, specially if you have no guidance and are starting from scratch.
Simple means that anyone can do it, if they are willing to do what it takes.

It took me 4 to 5 years to get to where I am now and during those years I saw NO results whatsoever. It has only been exactly 10 months that I decided to invest in myself and it was only then, that I started enjoying the fruits of my labor. Results didn’t come because i was lucky. They came because I decided to take action.

So what is my point in all of this? No one, absolutely no one you see that has some form of result, big or small, has come because they were lucky (unless they won the lottery).

If you want to achieve the life you want, live on your own terms and do something that you love, then you have to be willing to put in the work in order to accomplish it. Now, the amount of time you will put in, is directly related to how smart you work, not how hard you work.

For 4  years I worked hard. 10 months ago I decided to invest in myself (education) and work smart… 10 months later you have seen what has happened.

If I wouldn’t taken that decision, I would have still be trying to figure all this stuff out. I had absolutely no money, but I took a loan in order to make this happen. I was obsessed, committed, determined and tired of working hard and not smart.

Now, why did I make this decision? It was because I realized that time is the only resource that I cant get back. Everything else is “refundable” or you can get it again.
wasting money If you are like me, you have probably wasted a ton of money in stupid  you don’t need, instead of investing in yourself and then getting that stupid for FREE because of the influence you could have.

Think about it. You could either buy a 40 inch TV and spend $4,000 on an awesome vacation now or you invest in education, build a business around the things you love (that TV, that vacation/travel) and then get that exact thing for free.

So to everyone who thinks we are “lucky”, we are not. I am no guru, I am not a super smart guy. Im just a guy that was tired of being a worthless employee and that wanted to live life impacting other people’s life in a positive way and in his own terms, so I took action and made it happen.

There is no such thing as LUCK. There is no such thing as an overnight success.
All there is, is obsessed people who are willing to work 16 hours a day for themselves than 8 hours for someone else who doesn’t appreciate them.

Work hard, work smart. If you are not willing to go all in, don’t even start.

Im writing this message as I’m sitting in the airport (didn’t proof read so forget the spelling mistakes) getting messages like “you are so lucky to be able to travel, but that is not a real job, I mean, how hard can it be” #bruh 

Josh Forti hates this toilet picture, but I think it is brilliant because it is true!! Right?
Who here is #teambizfromtoilet

Many of you ask how did we start, the details of everything, how did we do it, etc. And while we could take time to explain it to every single person step by step, (and we try to the best of our ability, even to those who are leeches and just try to take take take and bring no value at all) it will literally take hours to do this to every person.
That is why we decided to create the best Instagram course in the market. It will not only teach you growth (the kind that you don’t have to pay a single dime for it) but it will also teach you step by step how to monetize any account on any niche even if you don’t have a product, service or a website.

This is not a pitch because for me it makes little to no difference wehter you take action or not. I want you to, because seeing people who are successful is just awesome
It is all about giving back as people gave back to you when you started, and that is why we made the course in the first place.

Have a Happy Sunday everyone 

Calvino Miguel

Successfield co-founder

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