How to use your emotions as motivation fuel

We often hear that we need to leave our emotions out if it comes to business. But is it really the right way? Through personal experience I learned that if used right emotions can boost your career, business or life in a great way.

We often hear that we need to leave our emotions out when it comes to business. But is it really the right thing to do? Through personal experience I learned that if used right, emotions can boost your career, business or life in a great way.


People often start chasing their goals and dreams and at the beginning everything goes well. You have the fuel and are on high spirits. But after a while, after some months or weeks, the initial drive eventually begins to fade and we lose our motivation. By that time some people start complaining, looking for excuses and end up quitting.

Motivation doesn’t last forever that’s for sure, but neither does bathing, that’s why it’s recommended daily. When you are hungry you eat, when you are tired you sleep, but what can you do when your motivation is down? Use your emotions as your primary motivation fuel.

Extract the fuel

You need to learn how to extract the essential substance out of your emotions that feeds your motivation, just like gasoline is extracted from oil to enable a car to drive. But how can one achieve that?

Love or jealousy  are some of the most occurring feelings among others, and we all experience them from time to time. The only thing successful people do differently than the average ones, is the way they deal with their emotions. Every feeling has a bad and also a good side in itself. The challenge is how to discover, differentiate and separate the benefits from the disadvantages.


Love is a strong emotion, if not the strongest one to get your motivation from. When you love someone, your mother, friend, girl- or boyfriend for example, you’ll be committed to do anything for them, as long as it serves for their well being. Love is usually automatically used as energy and motivation source. One will be striving for a good career ladder, because he wants to take care of his family. That’s also why most people put a family photo on their office desks. To remember why they are doing what they do.

But as the saying goes, love makes one blind. The blindness is the biggest liability of love. One can easily become so selflessly, that he wouldn’t take consideration for himself anymore, ending up damaging himself in the long run. Don’t let the emotion take over you, take time and reflect if what you are doing is really the best for you and your loved ones and more important, don’t end up forgetting yourself!


The truth about jealousy is very simple, but it requires a huge amount of self-knowledge. When you get jealous because you saw an old acquaintance driving a Ferrari, it’s not directly because of him, but it’s more likely because of yourself. Actually one gets angry over oneself, because one didn’t reach that level yet. But most people won’t be willing to admit it to themselves due to their egos and would rather blame the successful person for being arrogant or too cocky. I think you’ve already made the peculiar experience, how most of successful people are considered arrogant people, in circles of unsuccessful people.

Use jealousy as your driving force instead. Look at the successful ones and accept that they have done and achieved more then you by now. But the fact that they achieved it should motivate you, because if they did it, you also can do it. You are not there now, but at least you know now  it’s possible!

Calvino Miguel

Successfield co-founder

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(Successfield co-founder)

Successfield co-founder

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