Job Candidate Pretends To Be A Customer, And Gets The Interview


Some agencies want to be conquered by applicants just as much as a suburban beauty in a 1950s Hollywood ham: Whoever sows honey from the venerated twentyfourseven around the mouth or catches their attention with a lot of imagination, goes against the numerous rivals. August Laustsen, a Danish art director, has succeeded in doing a similar trick in his search for work in Sweden. After no agency had responded to his e-mails or calls, Laustsen simply turned into a potential customer, so that he could be heard by companies.

He Lied, Confessed And Then Scored

One Man Show: August Laustsen knows how to stage.

Laustsen sent the following letter to a bunch of agencies:

Hi [X],

My name is August and I’m the marketing director of EMERIH. We’re a creative consulting company with our main office in Copenhagen. After big success in Denmark, we’re now planning on expanding to the Swedish market and are looking for a new creative agency in Sweden. We do work for a wide range of clients from small non-profit organizations to giants like Coca-Cola. We really admire the work you’ve done for [X] and would like to talk about the possibilities of a future cooperation.

Since a large part of our business model is based on creativity, it’s important that the creative department have a look at our website before we take it any further. You’ll find it here:

Best regards,

August Laustsen
Marketing Director

On the agencies then found the truth behind EMERIH:

“My name is August and to be honest EMERIH. Actually, if you spell EMERIH backwards it says, HIRE ME. “

As the website adweek revealed, most agencies reacted positively to Laustsen’s role play. The invitations to job interviews were not long in coming.

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