You Are Losing Because You Don’t Know Who You Are

You Are Losing Because You Don’t Know Who You Are

If I were to ask you about who you are, you’d be thinking by now, “What a silly question. Of course I know who I am. I know my name, my birth date, what I like, etc.” But are you really sure about that?

I know that right now it’s hard to understand what I mean, but stick with me. In my opinion what I’m about to tell you, is something very important. You might be losing right now, just because you think that you know who you are, when in reality you don’t.

What Is Identity?

There is a huge misconception about our true identity. When asked about who they are most people talk about their birth date, their names, where they were born, their families and the list goes on. But that isn’t what identity is about. It’s all about perception and choice. What do I mean by that?

Your birth date, your name, your parents or the place where you were born, are all external factors you can’t influence or hardly change. You have no other choice but to accept them, because they get imposed to you by life.

If you think more and clearly about it, you’ll realize that the place you were born, isn’t your identity at all, but just a circumstance you happened to be part of.

It doesn’t matter if consciously or subconsciously, successful people are aware of this. That’s why they don’t define their identities by things they can’t change. They rather focus on their own inner world.

The Choice To Be Who You Want To Be

When you concentrate on your inner values, you’ll realize that you can change them the way you want. You are the boss. You have the choice to define them; but ultimately defining them, will define who you really are.

People who define themselves by their circumstances, respectively outer world influences, they let unconsciously other people and their environment define them. Why is it like that? It’s easier to change your own values and habits, than to change the whole world. You can’t define the world by trying to directly change it; the only way is literally to start with the person in the mirror.

Everything Or Nothing

Your core is like a white canvas that is waiting for you to draw on it. Unfortunately most people die without even drawing a single point in their canvas. They try to paint the canvas of others instead.

Everything that you portray on your white space, defines your identity and ultimately who you are. That means you can be everything or nothing. Look up to people worth following, make them your idols, acquire the most positive features of their personality and create an identity to be proud of.


Calvino Miguel

Successfield co-founder

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Successfield co-founder

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