The Difference Between Making Money & Becoming Rich

Some make money, others become rich. Which one are you? There's a big difference between earning a 5 figure income monthly and having the opportunity & ability to retire when ever you want


According to the Gross Domestic Product 2015, GDP, Switzerland holds its own on Rank 9. With an unofficial minimum wage of CHF 3’000 , approximately  $3’085,  Switzerland’s residents enjoy a life of good quality. So we can assume they make good money, but are they rich? While reading this article, ask yourself: “Am I rich?”

Being Rich

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Before answering such an obvious question, let’s look at the definition of the word “rich” . Rich is one who has a great amount of possessions & wealth. He or she are abundantly supplied with resources, means or funds. In other words, the term defines nothing else than a measure. Compare yourself with Bill Gates and you will be the opposite of rich. However, compare yourself with an orphan from a third world country and you will seem to be a very rich person. Do you still see yourself the same way? When the average human speaks about being rich, he tends to compare himself with celebrities. Bill Gates & Warren Buffet are often named people in topics like this. I, have my own definition of rich. One with a net worth of 10’000’000 US$ and more belongs to this upper-class. So, I don’t always agree with the opinion of the majority.

Making Money

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Engineers, doctors, managers, bankers and etc. make a lot of money. Yet, I can’t define them as rich. These hardworking respective individuals would need many years to obtain a net worth of $10 million. If they would quit their job, how long could they sustain their current lifestyle?

Becoming Rich

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Entrepreneurs, top executives of big companies and investors are what I refer to as rich. This upper-class can retire anytime and maintain their high life standards. Very few rappers and athletes belong to this group. There are also others ways to reach this level, after all, all roads lead to Rome.

Selby Webb

Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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