Never Hire Or Work With These 6 People

Never Hire Or Work With These 6 People

The Right People

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Whatever you do in life, you can’t always rely on yourself alone. You will need people around you to help you on your journey. In a startup and in the business world, these people would be part of your team. It is certain that you need people if you want to achieve great results. But more important; you need the right people in your team. Choosing people by their level of education alone will never lead you to success. In 2015, the Harvard debate team lost to New York prison inmates.

Apart from diplomas and educational level, when building your team consider things like emotional intelligence, character, motivation or experience as well. Here is a list of three types of people, you should definitely avoid in your team.

The Askhole


There is a quote by Confucius that says, “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life”. It’s good and necessary to ask if you don’t know. Nevertheless, learn the difference between someone who is really curios and eager to learn and someone who is just stirring questions for other unnecessary reasons. Good co-workers and co-founders should be able to acquire information, without disturbing the workflow of their surroundings. 

There are two types of askholes. There are askholes that really want to know how to get things done right. The things that gets them unmasked, is their constant uncertainty. They are afraid of making errors and are double checking everything. They hinder effective working through their behavior. When you hire someone, is because you believe in their skills. You consider them specialists in their subject area, and hired them to help you solve questions that you’re not able to solve by yourself. So, why should you hire someone that needs to ask you everything? 

The other type of askholes usually don’t exaggerate like the first type. Nonetheless, the irritating part in them is that they are always asking for opinions and tips, but never really consider listening into what the counterpart has to say. So why do they keep asking?

When seeking advice, they usually aren’t really asking you a question. What they are looking for is confirmation to what they are going to do. If your answer is against their intent, they are going to argue with you.

The One, Who Knows It All

Title and Degree

In my opinion, these are the worst people of all. They think they literally know it all and better than everyone. You can spot them, by the way they almost worship their titles and have a blind pride in their knowledge. When they talk to other people, they feel superior and do not bother to pick up on what they fellow co-workers say, because they are not “at their level”. 

With their closed minds, they hinder innovation and progress. How can you acquire knowledge and make new discoveries if you already know it all? While others try to find new ways, or think outside the box, they remain trapped in their dogmas and thought patterns and try to get others on the same boat. If you find someone like this on your team, you should get rid of him as soon as possible.

The Wantenpreneur

People in a workplace

This person usually loves to  talk a lot about himself without saving time to hear what others have to say. When others are working hard to achieve success, the wantrepreneur usually feels satisfied just by talking about it. Sometimes is not easy to recognize an wantentrepreneur, because they theoretically know what they are talking about. Often you find them at entrepreneurial networking events, conferences and colleges. However, you can easily disclose them when it’s time to perform. Usually, you expose a wantrepreneur at the latest, when the hardest workers of your team complain to you that someone in is not doing enough.

Make sure you only have people with the same work ethic in your team. It’s very simple; if you don’t work, you don’t deserve to the success and honor that others built. A hustler team always expects that from the first to the last member more than 100% is given.



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