Why A Bad Past Might Be The Best Set Up For Your Future Success

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It amazes me how often I hear people complaining about their “unfair” life circumstances. I bet you have already heard people saying things like “Everyone has it easier than me” or “Life is not fair”. Guess what? Everyone struggles in life. It doesn’t matter if rich or poor, christian or muslim, vegeterian or omnivore, black or white. But I’ll go one step further: What if I told you that a struggleful life is the best basis for a successful future?

What is Struggle?

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It might sound like a banal question, but precisely because most people do not understand the true nature of struggle, they complain about it all the time. Even entrepreneurs complain when facing arduous times. 

If you understand that struggle is just what manifests itself when you are unable to overcome a certain circumstance, you’ll start seeing life as a challenging game. You only struggle in things that you have yet to master. That means you have yet to obtain certain sets of skills, in order to rise above current challenges.

The most hilarious thing about struggle is that it begins from day one. As a baby you  struggle the most, because you don’t know how to do anything on your own. It’s astonishing, the way babies face their obstacles. Even if they fall down, get some wounds here and there, they don’t give up until they are able to walk. Unfortunately most people lose that spirit of overcoming everything while getting older. That’s when the complaining starts.

Your Past Is The Key

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Not infrequently you see people with a difficult background, later in life, emerge victorious. If you just think about celebrities, you’ll be surprised, how many of them had very harsh pasts. It’s very simple: People, who struggle most in life are the ones, who probably learn the most from it.

The way we get raised by our parents and the influences of our environment are a huge an decisive setup for our future. Of course it depends on our mindset as well. Not all struggling people have a positive and winning mindset. Nevertheless, someone, who spent his whole life overcoming challenges, will most likely want to have a better life, when grown out. To accomplish such a task, one would have to learn certain skills along the way. In the other hand, if one happens to be born in a rich home, and his parents don’t stop him from fostering a lavish and lazy lifestyle, when grown up, this individual wouldn’t be strong enough to endure the storms of life. How can you pass an exam if you never learned for it?  



Calvino Miguel

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