Stereotypes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

When walking the path of success, one will meet dogs barking very loud. If you stop moving & throw stones at every dog which crosses your path, you will never reach your goal.


When walking the path of success, one will meet dogs barking very loud. If you stop moving and throw stones at every dog which crosses your path, you will never reach your goal. Acknowledging the fact that not everyone you like will support your desires and that others will even try to ambush you, can make you feel paranoid, but security comes first. Choose your friends wisely.

The Pessimist

Give them the world and they will ask why you forgot the moon: The pessimists. The bond you share with these individuals determinate the way they can influence you. Basically, they are just people who failed to achieve their own dreams and now they’re trying to prove to themselves that no one can make it so that they can feel better. Accepting that a task is too hard to fulfill feels better than admitting that one just failed. The situation becomes extremely hard when one of your relatives tries to demotivate you. Learning how to let people speak without listening and not showing them your progress will save you a lot of energy.

The Brown-Noser

They support everything you do as long as it benefits them. In other words, they will sit next to you in your Bentley even though they know you’re financing it in an illegal way. In the worst case, you’re even taking all of the risk while you share profit with them. Stop spending your money on them and pay attention to their change of behavior. Your friendship with them ends where their benefits stop. The best way to deal with them is by not talking to them at all.

Once They Stop Talking To You, They Start Talking About You.

The Jealous One

Jealous people don’t care what they have as long as they have more than others. A survey supports this thesis. The question that was asked is very simple: “Would you prefer to earn $300,000  annually, which would be less than your friends earn, or $100,000 annually but be the wealthiest among your circle of friends?” 65% of the interviewees chose the lower salary because being the biggest fish in a small aquarium seemed more important to them. Competition and rivalry are good to measure your skills but the line crossing jealousy is very thin. If being humble doesn’t work, be wary.

The Spender & Gold Diggers

If you spend too much money whenever you participate in casual activities with the same people, you’re a victim of spenders & gold diggers. Remember, you can only spend what you have in your wallet. Leave your credit/debit cards at home and take an appropriate amount of cash with you. Know the limit between being stingy and being sparing.

The Wantrepreneur

When you meet wantrepreneurs, they give you the feeling that you’re both made out of the same wood. You both seem to have dreams, dedication, passion and ambitions. But in fact, all you have in common are dreams. Wantrepreneurs have less passion, no dedication at all and their ambitions are different from yours. While you don’t care what it takes to make it, they want to do as least as possible. That’s why they fall for frauds which promise fast money. They never finish what they started and blame others for their failure. Instead of being harsh on themselves, they prefer to abort their projects. A perfect example are people who talk about becoming entrepreneurs as soon as they win the lottery. Even though buying the lottery ticket is the only thing they have to do on the way home after work, they don’t even fulfill this task weekly. Associating with them is fine as long as you never depend on them or try to start business with them. If you do, be ready for excuses.

If you really want something, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

Selby Webb

Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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