Teenager Claims To Have Made A Million In 2016 By Selling Sneakers To Celebrities


Benjamin Kapelushnik, also known asBenjamin Kickz, is a 16 year old sneaker reseller, who claims to have made millions by reselling sneakers. The young man has been seen with many big rappers and DJs. Individuals such as DJ Khaled bring him out on stage, while Drake takes pictures with him.

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Benjamin states that he loves working with rappers more than with athletes because of his love for the music industry. However, he doesn’t plan on doing this forever. His goal is to get a MBA and open his own retail store. We asked ourselves one question. What’s the story of this young entrepreneur, behind the rare sneaker reselling website, sneakerdon.com, who claimed to have made a million in 2016?

According to New York Magazine, Benjamin carefully researched both the sneaker and reselling businesses. He then sold a pair of LeBron’s X MVPs $400 valued sneakers for $4,000. The young businessman didn’t stop there. He kept doing the same thing over and over again, until he finally caught the rich and famous people in the game. After appearing on multiple Snapchat stories of DJ Khaled, people started to recognize his face and wanted to know who he is. The rest is history.

What’s his next step? Some say this youngster has a reality show personality and could become quite successful in TV as well. “I’m not going to be 26, 27 years old selling sneakers on Instagram. I’m doing this as a ‘kid thing’ right now; it’s going to be a lot wider scale,” he said to Complex.

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