5 Things You Didn't Know About The Wolf Of Wall Street

Here are 5 Things you didn't know about the wolf of wall street, Jordan Belfort.


1. The Real “Jordan Belfort” Is In The Movie Too

After we see the scene of Jordan Belfort, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, playing tennis in jail, we jump to the final scene, in which the fictional Jordan Belfort asks his guests to “sell him this pen”. Take a close look at the announcer introducing the fictional Jordan Belfort. It’s the real Jordan Belfort himself! How ironic is it to proudly introduce yourself in a semi-biographic movie, in which you scam an entire nation? Well, humbleness was never Belfort’s strength.

2. Matthew McConaughey’s Chest Beating


In this film, Matthew McConaughey had an extremely short part. However, no one seems to be able to forget it. This is because of the chest beating scene and crazy statements. That masturbation helps the wall street brokers to keep their calm and main concentration during work time isn’t important. What matters, is why he was beating his chest. This is what actually went down. Before shooting the scenes, Matthew McConaughey does this motion in order to gain concentration. Leonardo DiCaprio saw him do it and had the idea to implement it into the film.

3. Belfort’s Beach Party


Footage of Belfort’s beach party can be found on YouTube. The fact that the wolf hosted a party at home in 1991 won’t change your life, but it helps you see that the movie is rather faithful in its visualization of the lavish life the former young millionaire was living. This scene was also very important for Leonardo DiCaprio. It helped him learn how to imitate Belfort’s body language and vocabulary.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Acting


DiCaprio’s acting after consuming quaaludes is based on this video “Drunkest Guy Ever Goes For More Beer (FULL VIDEO) unedited (source: YT music library)“. Jordan Belfort put in some extra effort and showed the actor how to react after taking the drug. 

5. The Lives Of Their Victims


Ex-wife of Danny Porush, colleague of Jordan Belfort, claims that she watched her former husband change as soon as money started flowing into their accounts. She also claims that she failed to realize that he was putting assets in her name as part of the fraud he was committing. According to the government, not only was she his wife, but also a victim.

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