TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Has To Watch (Part 1)

While others say watching TV doesn't contribute to one's entrepreneurial mindset, I don't agree. TV shows can work as a motivation. Watching news updates our knowledge. Some shows can even expand our imagination and creativity. This first issue contains three running TV shows which work as great motivation.


While others say watching TV doesn’t contribute to one’s entrepreneurial mindset, I disagree. TV shows can work as a motivation. Watching news updates our knowledge. Some shows can even expand our imagination and creativity. This first issue contains three running TV shows which work as great motivation.


Let’s put all the negative aspects aside and concentrate on the success the Lyon family has achieved. Their company, the empire, signs a few of the greatest artists in their fictional world and enables them to live a lavish lifestyle. Even though they have what I would call big family problems, loyalty is present within the Lyons. The two fictional  key character, Lucious and Cookie Lyon, started the company many years ago while living in the projects. Their commitment to music and entertainment are the perfect examples of what successful entrepreneurs have to concentrate on. Find your passion and focus on it no matter what situation you’re in. Keep pushing as hard as you can and only surround yourself with those, who are on the same mission. The rest is history.



Power is a drama television show created by Courtney Kemp Agboh and is produced by the rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.The main character James St. Patrick is a smart drug dealer who has built himself an empire. He’s so good, that he doesn’t even have to touch the “product” anymore and still makes his millions. However, even he learns that no amount of money in this world is worth his freedom and that money can’t buy you happiness. He starts to accept the fact that illegal money is no blessing and starts laundering the money through his fancy night club. Ghost, which is James St.Patrick’s alias on the streets, is always one step ahead of everyone. He makes risky decisions, invests his money wisely, doesn’t move in big circles, never brags, dresses well, is a very humble man and has that entrepreneurial something. The show also shows that illegal money is not worth the risks and advises people to stay clean.

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The show focuses on Mike Ross, a very talented college dropout with a photographic memory, who initially works as a law associate for Harvey Specter despite never actually attending law school. Because practicing law without a degree and license is illegal, situations get out of hand when Harvey and Mike close case after case while trying to keep the fact that Mike never attended Harvard a secret. Harvey Spector, who earned himself a great reputation, teaches mike step by step how to handle every case individually. Viewers can learn a lot from this show. An example are Harvey’s teachings based on occurring situations; Mike Ross, who noticed that Harvey arrived late to work, criticized him for his unprofessional behavior, which led to the following teaching. When Harvey started working for Pearson Hardman, he worked harder than anyone else. People started respecting him, which is why he can do whatever he wants now.

Nobody questions your skills and capability after you have attained a certain reputation. -Harvey Spector

 The show teaches us that winning in court is not based on who’s right, but who can argue better and justify their client’s actions. We also grow our vocabulary and get insight into the world of attorneys.

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