What Does Society Think About Your Job?


As kids, most of us looked up to doctors, astronauts, pilots, bankers and lawyers. We respected them because of the level of intelligence they had to bring up when it comes to education. But what does society think about average jobs which require no college degree?

Influence of teachers and parentsteacher-836767_1920

The biggest problem starts with the teachers. Back in secondary school, whenever I forgot to do my homework, teachers would talk to me in a very derogatory way and say: “If you don’t change your way, you’ll end up in a supermarket cutting meat!” This sentence alone was enough to make me look at this job in a disgusting way. The sad truth is that as a child, older people have great influence on you. Whatever your parents tell you has to be true. I’m aware that they only want the best for us. But is visiting a college the best for everyone? Imagine if Michael Jackson had studied engineering instead of following his career as the best entertainer of all time. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it!

Financial stability and required skills


“If I visit a college and attain a master’s degree in business administration, my future can’t go wrong!” This is the mindset of those who are too cautious. To be honest, I’ve met so many graduates with a very bad salary and some couldn’t even find a job. Let’s take a look at the current situation in Greece. The Greek government-debt crisis made a lot of people loose their jobs. Bankers were striked as first. Those bankers could practice any profession, for example cleaning service, to survive. The fact that one can work as cleaner without study, it makes the profession look bad.

When taking a close look at situations like this, we always speak about the worst cases. Let’s compare non graduates such as Steve Jobs with graduates we know who work in big companies. As a billionaire, financial stability goes to Steve Jobs. What about skills? Well, answer this one yourself. The secret lies in the mindset. Do it with passion, or not at all.


It would be arrogant to say that a job doesn’t make one interesting or look superior. The truth is that society actually values a career focused person more than an average person. The question if a doctor is smarter than a fire-fighter is hard to answer because of the controversial definition of the words smart and intelligence. When speaking about finances, graduates earn more but the system needs everyone.

Selby Webb

Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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Co-founder, Editor and Head of Marketing of SuccessField

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